Making Time for Yourself

    Sometimes when we are running around after our little ones all day until they lay their head at night, we forget to take care of ourselves. It may seem like all we do is cater to our little ones but there is nothing better than being a mother and ensuring that our little ones have what they need and when they need it. When the day is done, the little ones are asleep and everything that needed to be in the house is now completed, why not pamper the person who puts in all that hard work throughout the day, YOU! I know there is no better feeling than sitting down at night and knowing that the tasks that I have set myself for the day are now completed! As a mother i don’t know a single person who doesn’t like to drink a cup of tea in peace. You have no idea how many times a day i make a cup of tea and then have to reheat it or pour is down the sink because i have got distracted with either something my little one is doing or housework that needs to be done. I love having my nails done but haven’t got the time to go and get them done. Can you relate? I have found a quick fix for my love of having pretty nail, DRUGSTORES! You can pretty much walk into anywhere and find a range of nail polish colours so why no take advantage of it. £25 – £30 or £2 – £5, I know which one I prefer! Tan, everyone loves feeling and looking like they have just been on holiday, the difference is… our tan comes in a bottle. There’s nothing wrong with a fast tan because you will still look and feel amazing. I know I feel so much better with a tan and that is probably because I look like a milk bottle, OH WELL! Sometimes when it all gets to much and you feel like you need to vent to someone, write it down instead! Having a notebook where you can write down everything you are feeling or what you did on a particular day is healthy. Once you have got off your chest what you want to say, you can then close the book and breathe! Taking time out for yourself is not selfish, it’s healthy! Having time in the evening to yourself or anytime of the day infant gives you time to have time to breathe and get your feet back on the ground to be the best mum possible. If you don’t feel your best then your little ones aren’t going to get the best you. Doing all the simple things for yourself at home will give you a boost and remind you that, yes things may not be the easiest at times but I AM AND I WILL BE THE BEST MUM TO MY LITTLE ONES!

Sick Days as a Mum

Let’s just say the last three weeks have been a struggle with having a cold that just would not shift. Having a toddler and a cold do not mix whatsoever. Being a mum means there no chance of having a three hour nap, you still have to get up and make breakfast lunch and dinner, the kids need to be entertained and bathed before bed. I have learned so many ways to stop me overworking myself whilst sick because I knew I would just make myself worse. Don’t get me wrong it was a lot of work because I was cooking two nights worth of dinner in one night but I knew if I wasn’t feeling any better that day then dinner was already cooked and all I needed to do was warm it up.

Personally I love to have my day planned the night before so that I know what I am doing that day. Going on days out was a bit of a challenge but I knew I couldn’t keep my little one stuck indoors just because I wasn’t feeling very well. Let me tell YOU! I must have taken the whole medication cabinet with me and that is no exaggeration. Torture for me but getting out and making my little girl happy meant I had definitely achieved something on that day and as long as she was happy I was happy.

I think us mums need to give ourselves a pat on the back because even when we feel like we don’t want to get out of bed because we feel a bit crappy we still do! We become sumermums and still accomplish everything we need to the same as the days when we feel our best! Let’s just say we are a different type of SUPERHERO!

Potty Training a 3 Year Old!

Let me start by saying the start of potty training was not easy at all! We tried to start when she was 2 but there was no chance being that she was stubborn and was so used to having a nappy on, at this point a knew maybe we should have started earlier. Iv learned so much when I comes to potty training my little one, Iv spent weeks at home totally consumed in getting her potty trained and it is all finally looking up. Even going to the extent of downloading apps on my phone, yes I did go that far with it lol! Remember no one will ever know your child like a mother knows her child. People will give advice thinking that their way is best but every child is different, they have a mind of their own. The best thing I could have done and it definitely encourages my little one, is making a sticker chart. She gets so excited when she goes to the toilet and gets to put a sticker on her chart. She’s now got to a stage where she is almost potty trained and has decided that she is now a big girl and having a little potty just wasn’t good enough for her so we have bought a potty seat for the toilet and in her own words ” mommy I love my big toilet seat”.

Waterproof pants for bedtime has been a god sent. They are washable and if your little one makes a mistake it is easy to clean up without any fuss. Using these at night time for my little one has made her realise that just because she’s going to bed doesn’t mean that she doesn’t need to use the toilet.

Take it Day by Day!

Sometimes it gets hard to be the person your little ones depend on when realistically your struggling yourself to even get the day started. Iv definitely been there and I can tell you it does get better. Giving up on the day from the sound of your alarm isn’t an option when you have little ones running around. Yes, we as mums love to have a lay in but when it comes to lunch time and your still in your bed then it’s not really a lay in! If I do that I know personally I would have no motivation to do anything on that day. People may say “oh your just being lazy”. NO! Mothers are the strongest people and the amount of things we deal with on a daily basis is actually a lot and yes it does effect us! At any age you can get overwhelmed with managing a household and taking care of little ones. BUT! You are strong! You are brave! You can do it! Taking it day by day and not thinking about any other day but that day will make it so much easier! What do you have to do today? What do you need to take with you? Are the kids fed and ready? Taking 10 minutes out for yourself to gather your thoughts is not a crime. You are refocusing yourself to be that person your little ones rely on!

Remember your not the only one going through this and YOU CAN DO IT!

Realisation of My Career

So Iv always known what I wanted to do as a career and after studying for three years you would think I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Up until this year I had my heart set on caring for the elderly or children with special needs which would give me so much joy and knowing that I could make just the smallest different in there life would make me the happiest person on earth. Only just recently Iv decided that maybe that isn’t the most ideal job at this present moment to pursue being that Nevaeh is still little so I did some hard thinking and thought “what am I really passionate about doing besides caring for people” and it was makeup, eyelashes and hair! Iv looked into so many courses and starting up my own little business and the thought of it gets me so excited knowing all of the possibilities that could come with it. It’s kind of crazy how life turns out when you think you know exactly what you want to do! 💕

I thought that after completing three years of studying health and social care whilst taking care of Nevaeh I had set up my career once she went into school. Now I can’t get the thought of owning my own business out of my head and that’s what my goal is. Maybe I’ll go back to school? Maybe I will do a few courses? Or maybe I’ll speak to people who have started from the bottom and have achieved so much? Who knows where this journey will take me but I am so EXCITED!

Making Lazy Days Fun!

Who says that lazy days indoors with little ones can’t be fun? Kids love doing activities and being creative so why not turn the living room into a fun camp site and put a movie on for all of you to enjoy. Yes I know I may sound a bit mad but the kids will love it, popcorn, blankets laid out and maybe even a pop up tent to top it all off. Sometimes the weather may not be great or even there is so much housework to be done that going out isn’t ideal for that day, that doesn’t mean the kids can’t be entertained by the most simple things and you can get bits done. The duration of the average movie is around 90 to 100 minutes, I could only imaging what I could get done in that time. No, it doesn’t mean that you are neglecting your child because you are getting the housework done. It means that while they are enjoying a movie and treats, you are taking care of the extra bits that need doing because maybe you just haven’t had the time and that is OK! At the same time you are allowing your child to use their imagination when creating the fun little camp site or play areas and helpimg them improve on their development as young children!

Mums Breakfast

We all have those days where we don’t have time for breakfast because we are just way to consumed in getting everything done and forget about ourselves. We forget that we need to eat aswell as the little ones. My breakfast is pretty much always the same because I know that while I’m waiting for the toast to pop out of the toaster or waiting for that sound the kettle makes when it’s finished, I can get other chores done in that time that way I can sit down and not have to worry about it while I have my breakfast. Time is so precious throughout the day because it feels like we have a million and one things to do is such little time. Taking care of yourself is so important and it allows you to take care of the little ones when you are at your best. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I personally agree with that, it allows you to sit down and gather your thoughts and mentally prepares you for the day ahead aswell as giving you the nutrition you need for the first part of the day.